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FriFri Catering serves authentic Italian cuisine to clients who want home-style, healthy and refined Italian dishes. Of particular note are our excursions into Apulian, Piedmontese and Tuscan traditions. Our menus are personalized rather than routine, and meet the nutritional needs of you and your guests. The high-quality ingredients we use to prepare our menus are those eaten in Italian homes today, sourced from New York suppliers and importers we have hand-picked for quality.

Weekly Menu

Let us bring an Italian touch to your table. Selecting what you’d like is simple from our emailed order form.

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Classic Catering Services

Whether you are organizing an intimate gathering with friends, a large-group meal or a reception, FriFri Catering can suggest a variety of menus to fit the flow of your event. Whatever the occasion, you enjoy an authentic experience as if you had cooked yourself. Contact us to discuss adding the best of Italian to your event.

Personal Chef

To spice up private or intimate gatherings, we can fully prepare and choreograph meals in the warmth of your own home. Without you having to lift a finger, our chef will be at your full service to prepare an Italian meal for you and your guests.

It can be as simple as working in the background, adapting to the flow of your event, or become a visible display of Italian culinary art and a key part of your gathering. We customize the menu based on your needs, preferences and diets. You receive full service with a touch of Italian style for your important moments. Click here to talk with us about the possibilities.

Fun Kids’ Cooking Events

Our founders are Italian cooks with a passion for sharing their culinary skills, especially with children. We offer kids’ cooking classes that can be a special event or the highlight of a birthday or family party.

We can come to your home or event space with all the food and equipment needed to get everyone participating and enjoying the food they make. We can also run an event remotely via video link, supplying ingredients in advance and walking everyone through the steps to make a delicious Italian meal. Even if a child has never cooked before, it is never too late to start participating in and enjoying the culinary arts. Contact us to schedule an event.

Get in Touch

FriFri Catering would be pleased to deliver to your home weekly or tailor-made Italian dining experiences. Please contact us by your preference of e-mail, phone or message to hear more.


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    About Us

    FriFri Catering’s owners, Manu and Titta, draw on culinary traditions from across Italy

    We were raised in Italy and draw on a range of regional cuisines handed down through the generations that we perfected in the “old country”. We also integrate the modern influences shaping today’s Italian culinary scene. In all cases, we deliver same top quality and authenticity as if we were serving our own families.

    Hi, I’m Manuela. My passion for food, wine, catering and hospitality was awakened as a young child who loved desserts, and I would prepare them whenever I wanted to relax. Influences of great women in my family passed down Piedmontese and Tuscan traditions into my recipes. Cooking course certificates and voracious reading of the classic cooking books complement my knowledge, always updated by the latest magazines and blogs. Now I interpret classic family and Italian recipes with a contemporary and healthy accent–though without compromising the authenticity, flavors, colors and taste of Italian cuisine. I constantly experiment and innovate in cooking. My family and close friends are always the first to taste my creations, and never hold back their comments!

    Hi, I’m Titta. I grew up in Apulia, the southern Italian region known for its green vegetables, fish and cheese. There were five of us in the family, though at lunch or dinner time we could never predict how many table extensions we would add to host the guests joining us. Grandmother began early for the Sunday meal where everyone had a role in preparing, cooking, or setting the table. We then sat down to talk, laugh and even have a heated discussion. I continue to be fascinated how the memory of family and cuisine shaped my personality. I learned to prepare simple and inventive dishes, and always find the chance to vary the classic recipes and always end up with something delicious. The secret is simplicity plus a careful selection of ingredients that are fresh and in season. Our Mediterranean cuisine may have circled the world but I am convinced it remains the best in all senses.

    FriFri Catering LLC mark and tomato images are the work of artist Kevin Berlin